‘People with sports cars need bigger spaces’

The debate over parking in parent and toddler bays is heating up on social media after Tesco announced plans to fine people who abuse them.

Parents often speak of their frustration at people with no children who leave their cars in spaces dedicated for families.

But some people say more concessions should be made for other people, including the elderly and people with bigger vehicles.

Somerset Live followers have been left divided by the issue and Tesco, which has a number of stores across Somerset. has brought in a new fines policy.

Shoppers are also fined £70 for misusing parent and child bays at Asda, in Yeovil.

One person said on Facebook: “People with sports cars and large vehicles obviously need bigger spaces, but I don’t see any.”

She also believes more concessions should be made for senior citizens and people of a larger build.

“Why do people with children have to park right by the entrance?,” she added.

Others responded and said the large bays for people with young children are vital.

What’s your thoughts on the issue? Do you think there should be parent and child parking bays? Have your say below.

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What is your take on the parent and child parking bay debate?


They said: “Have you ever tried to get a baby car seat out of your car? You need the door as wide as possible to not hit other cars.”

Another said: “I use the parent and child spaces so I am able to swing my door right open to get my little one in and out of the car seat.

“I think they should put these spaces further away so they are not abused.

“That way you won’t have people in them with a 12-year-old happily jumping out the back!

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