Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 2013

Most people often misconstrue that managing social media sites are as easy as pie, but the truth is businesses that want to invest on social media campaigns will have a lot on their plate.

First off, they need to set up accounts in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other websites where content is shareable. To make user targeting easier, they would have to know the interests of the majority of each platform (LinkedIn = entrepreneurs, etc.). They likewise need to build their followers, which means marketing managers or outsourced marketing agencies need to create content that will attract users to follow and trust their brand’s account.

Managing social media accounts is very time-consuming and can be labor-intensive depending on the campaigns. Some businesses want to establish their presence in social media but do not have the resources to successfully do it.

Why businesses choose to outsource social media marketing lists down things that drive businesses to outsource social media marketing:

Time – It is the most crucial element for social media marketing as it covers different aspects of the production, publication, and marketing process of a campaign. Apart from replying to posts and direct messages, they also have to create compelling content. It can be through articles or videos, but what matters is you are showing it to the right set of audience at the right time.

Know-how – Anybody who knows how social media sites work can handle a company’s campaign – Wrong. The social media marketer should have background in marketing, as well as the latest trends in technology. So business executives can’t just pluck out random employees and order them to tweet about this and repost that as it needs a certain type of skill and that is experience.

Budget constraints – Hiring additional staff to your current marketing team would mean you would have to set up a workstation for him/her and pay for other overhead costs. By social media processes, the employee can work remotely while fulfilling his/her daily tasks.You know it’s money well spent when the social media outsourcing company is able to explain to you the details of a campaign, how they started, and if they were able to reach new customers.

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