Optimizing Google My Business 2018

Google My Business is rapidly increasing in popularity as people all over the world share their latest business offerings, discounts, service changes, promotions, and news with their clients and customers. Whenever a prospective customer finds you through a search engine or a map app, you will know about it. It’s important to keep your business listing updated with any adjusted open hours and images, and Google My Business makes this easy with the following recent updates.

Google My Business Updates

Google My Business Posts

In Google My Business, you can now create posts which will display directly in search result pages for events, services, sales, latest updates, new products, and other items you need to post about. Google My Business Posts will engage your customers as soon as they find your business listing on Google and are a great way to keep your customers up to date on your latest business offerings.

Google My Business Q&A

Q&A is an excellent new tool for business owners and customers. It allows customers to ask you a question about your business and you to then post an answer. This feature also lets you add a custom FAQ section for customers that explains important things they need to know about your business, how to contact you, and what types of services you provide. Q&A are crowdsourced by potential or current customers and can save time if they are posted on your Google My Business page. This option ensures that your customers will get real information from you about your business, and not random (often incorrect) answers by others.

Free Posters (Small Thanks with Google)

Google My Business now has a feature that allows you to print out a free poster that showcases reviews from Google for marketing initiatives. This would look really nice on your office wall, or at a tradeshow coming up this year. Small Thanks and Google have partnered to help you promote your business with marketing materials personalized to your business. You can search for your business and then use reviews and other info to generate social posts, stickers, posters, and other marketing items.

Descriptions in Google My Business

Back by popular demand, Google My Business re-added descriptions for your benefit as a business owner. In 2016, Google removed the Google My Business listings from the Google+ profiles, which obliterated the helpful business descriptions with links, bullets, and other features. These original business descriptions were still connected to business Google+ pages, but weren’t an option for Google My Business listings. Now that they’re back, remember the following tips when creating your business description:

  • Only 750 characters are allowed
  • Links are not allowed
  • Google will review your new content in 3 days
  • Don’t keyword stuff
  • Combine information in the Q&A and descriptions to best market your business

Voice Search

Google Voice Search can be used to search for business in Google My Business. So, instead of having to type information into a device, you can use your voice. Since Google Voice Search may be the future of web searching, it’s key to know how voice search can help businesses on Google My Business promote their products and services. While there are certain ways to use Google Voice Search to locate businesses most easily, voice search has its own peculiarities. Google Voice Search queries are on the rise and using your Google My Business account to tap into this trend can help your bottom line and business website visits.

Promoting Your Business Locally through Google My Business

People are increasingly searching for local businesses in their communities to support. By improving your local business ranking on Google, you have a great way to capitalize on local marketing power. Google pushes your business to the top of local searches for increased local visibility.

With all these new (and old) tools at your fingertips, Google My Business continues to help support your business as robustly as possible. Check back often for more updates, or contact Zero Gravity Marketing for help with your Google My Business strategy.

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