Officials crack down on Oʻahu’s Pinky Hempire stores over alleged health hazards

PSD Narcotics Enforcement executed search warrants at two Pinky’s Hempire locations. PC: DOH / PSD

The Hawaiʻi Department of Health and Hawaiʻi Department of Public Safety conducted coordinated operations to execute search warrants and embargo products at multiple Pinky’s Hempire locations, according to a news release.

The PSD Narcotics Enforcement Division, with the assistance of the Honolulu Police Department and state sheriffs, executed search warrants at Pinky’s Hempire stores located at 1013 Maunakea Street in Downtown Honolulu and 209 Kaiulani Avenue in Waikiki.

State Narcotics Agents arrested two individuals. The two individuals have not been charged yet. One individual was arrested on two counts of Promoting a Harmful Drug in the second degree and two counts of Promoting a Detrimental Drug in the second degree. The second individual was arrested on one count of Promoting a Harmful Drug in the second degree. They were released pending investigation.

“The Department of Public Safety Sheriffs and NED teamed up with the Department of Health to crack down on businesses that engage in alleged illegal activity,” said Jordan Lowe, PSD Deputy Director for Law Enforcement, in the release. “We want to make sure businesses fully understand the consequences they face when they knowingly disregard the law.”

DOH Food and Drug Branch staff embargoed all remaining products at the two stores as it was deemed to be a potential health hazard. DOH received two reports of illness. 

“We want to make clear that unlawful activity will not be tolerated,” said Lori Nagatoshi, DOH Food and Drug Branch Program Manager. “We thank our law enforcement partners who share our mission in protecting Hawaiʻi residents.”

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