Next Phase of Vision Workshops Announced for South Maui


The second phase of vision workshops is being launched for the South Maui Community Plan update, the Maui County Planning Department announced.

The South Maui community is encouraged to participate in this online workshop to help shape what South Maui will look and feel like in 20 years by reviewing four draft visions based on public input received during the first phase of vision workshops held in January.

“The people of South Maui must be the ones who determine their own future. These workshops provide that opportunity. The best time to share your thoughts, hopes and concerns is when you can truly influence the process,” Mayor Michael Victorino said. “Too often, people only speak after plans have been finalized and are being implemented, and then it’s too late. I really encourage South Maui residents of all backgrounds and age groups to participate in this crucial vision workshop phase.”

Community members can participate in the self-directed, online vision workshop by visiting: The online workshop will be available through April 30, 2021. 

After this workshop, planners will use community input to craft a vision that will be included in the draft South Maui Community Plan. The draft plan will be forwarded to the South Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee later this year.

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