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The 2018 Yellow Medicine County 4-H Fashion Revue was starting inside the fairgrounds pavilion Saturday afternoon. The revue was just one of a number of events during the weekend-long Yellow Medicine County Fair.

“Izzy wears white socks with lace, beaded sandals and a white purse. She is ready for a trip to the zoo or museum in this nice flowery outfit.” the announcer said.

Saturday’s event was part of a year-long event for the Prairie Runners 4-H organization, according to Cassie Schreier, who is a parent and supervisor for the group.

“We meet once a month for the 4-H group and they work on the projects all year long,” Schreier said.

The revue was split up into different categories. The first portion focused on clothes you buy.

“The 4-H’ers have shopped, found good deals and done some comparisons,” the announcer said. “They are required to make a booklet to explain their coloring, the pricing of the outfit, whey they purchased the outfit and how it fits in their wardrobe.”

Other categories targeted clothes you recycle such as thrift stores and clothes that are made.

Another parent/supervisor, Jackie Notch, said the youths who participate are not necessarily living on a farm. She said many youths live in town and are not around livestock.

“There are so many activities like photography, or crafts, sewing, food, plants, flowers, vegetables, everything,” Schreier said. “It keeps kids busy and out of trouble.”


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Photo by Mike Lamb Brynn Lozinski shows off her navy blue dress with a cream colored kimono during the 2018 Yellow Medicine County 4-H Fashion Revue.

CANBY — “Here comes Izzy Kamrath in her darling white top with pink and blue flowers and pink ruffles around the bottom,” the announcer said as the Canby fifth grader walked to the front of the stage.

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