Nami Nori puts unique twist on sushi

Nami Nori is directly translated to “ride the wave” and is the core behind the concept for the restaurant. Their signature dish is their open-faced hand roll, accompanied with Japanese inspired kitchen food and appetizers.

Sushi comes from a place of very strict rules, but Nami Nori breaks away from tradition to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere. “We wanted to break apart from that and build an inclusive restaurant where everybody from all walks of life can come and enjoy the food in a relaxed atmosphere without feeling like you need to do something in a certain way,” says Jihan Lee, Chef and Partner at Nami Nori.

Nami Nori draws global inspiration to create amazing dishes. “It’s very much connected to our backgrounds. Myself, I’m Japanese but raised in America, my wife is Thai, Jihan is Korean, and our other partner is half Japanese half Korean,” says Taka Sakaeda, Chef and Partner of Nami Nori. They also draw influence from life and anything they find delicious.

When you go to Nami Nori, you must try their signature open temaki set. It includes five different kinds of temaki: tuna poke with crispy shallots, scallop with house made XO sauce, coconut shrimp, yellow tail with chojang, and cucumber batons with black sesame dressing.

Jihan says when he visited Hawaii, he loved how everyone was so happy. He and his team try to emulate that same atmosphere at Nami Nori because it creates a better experience for guests and employees! Check out Nami Nori at or on Instagram


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