Must Haves for the Sports Family

Must Haves for the Sports Family

Adding sports to your schedule can cause chaos. This is a list of ‘must have’ items every family will appreciate

A few years ago, our children began exploring the world of sports.  We have been involved with Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Ballet.  Maybe you have been involved in these or others.  For us, we have found a love for our community through these outlets and our children are learning about life’s adversity in ways they never imagined.

One thing I have learned is that I need to be prepared for their events – and by doing so I am teaching them to be prepared.  So, here is a list of a few items that make our sports seasons a LOT easier.

Must-Have Items for Sports Parents

Meal Plans – I love this site for meal plans.  It saves me from spending money on fast food and provides me with nutritional plans for our family.  I also like the advice I receive from Dawn at Nutrition Matters.  You can find her facebook page here and her website here

Water Bottles – Everyone in your family needs a good water bottle.  We have tried a lot of bottles and I have found that Stainless-steel water bottles with screw tops last the longest.

Tent – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall  – it doesn’t matter what season you play sports, you will be impacted by the weather (unless you are playing an indoor sport).  We purchase a new tent every other year – it helps during games (protection from sun and rain) as well as for tournaments – when we need a place for respite between games.

Chair – A good chair to fit your individual needs.  Lately, I have not only wanted one to protect me from the sun but also bugs.  I personally hate using bug spray, so this is the option I may select this year.

Blender – Your children need good nutrition.  A really good blender will help you make smoothies all day every day to ensure they are receiving extra protein while remaining hydrated. I like to add collagen to my drinks.

Books – If you’re a Sports Parent, it is super important to remember – you are a parent of a child helping them achieve their goals.  Their goals may be to play professional sports, but the reality is – that may not happen so we have to remember to grow them as a person and develop their character.  Help your children become the best person they can possibly be.  This book that I have linked to is one of many that are good for parents to read – with their children.

Mentors – find a good podcast or video series.  This past summer I met Keith Mayer and absolutely love his video series and podcast.  You can watch a Q&A session HERE

A Sense of Humor – last but not least, this is important.  It’s easy as a sports parent to get caught up in the moment… so a good sense of humor can really help in any situation.

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