Musicians, your career is over without a marketing plan

If you want to get your music heard in today’s digital world, simply releasing a song isn’t enough. With an ever-increasing amount of people to compete against, the successful artists are those who create a successful marketing strategy that is well executed. We spoke to the experts at Moon Jelly about how a great marketing plan will bring you closer to success in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry.

Tens of thousands of tracks are being uploaded to streaming platforms every single day. Due to the high competition, artists are constantly competing with each other in order to get their music heard by the highest number of people. “The challenge is to stand out. Musically, but foremost on a marketing level. That’s the music business of today,” says Remko, Chief Strategy Officer at Moon Jelly.

A fundamental pillar of becoming successful is driving traffic and engagement towards your social media profiles. Knowing your audience is vital in order to create relatable and meaningful content. Remko:“If you know your audience, everything becomes much easier in terms of generating interactions from consumers viewing your posts.”

You could analyze the marketing plans of musicians that you aspire to be like and use similar tactics to grow your own fan base, but don’t forget you’re not one of them (yet). Melvin: “Share your personality with the world and be open to new experiences. Remember, the brands you look up to the most were all once in your shoes. The most successful ones understood how to build their own plan by walking their own line.”

Having a good marketing strategy is crucial within the modern music industry. With consumers’ attention focused on just a few platforms, you need to be consistently updating and refining your plan if you want to get your music heard.

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