MPD’s Operation Speed Jam Enforcement Nets 440 Speed Related Citations

The Maui Police Department issued 554 citations last week during the Operation Speed Jam enforcement effort. The campaign, which began on Nov. 8, 2021, netted 354 citations for speeding, 10 excessive speeding violations, and 76 citations for speeding in a school zone.

The effort was focused on combating speeding and aggressive driver behaviors.

Additional citations were issued for: use of a mobile electronic device while driving (18); seatbelt violations (6); child restraint violation (1); moving violations (17); other violations (28); warning citations (44); and OUI arrest – liquor (1).

The Maui Police Department Traffic Division will continue to show a strong presence on the roadways to enforce all traffic violations. MPD Traffic Division Commander, Lt. William Hankins said, “The ultimate goal is to make sure those who utilize our roadways are safe. We humbly ask the public to always drive safely and help us to prevent avoidable crashes that cause injuries and death.”

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