Moani Waikiki serves up good food, great music, and an amazing atmosphere

Moani in Hawaiian means gentle breeze and is the focal point for the concept of Moani Waikiki. “During times of hanging out with family, or listening to great music, those good feelings that hit you like a gentle breeze, that’s the whole concept behind the name Moani,” says Micah Keolanui, Owner of Moani Waikiki. The restaurant is inspired by Micah’s childhood. Growing up, he and his family would always meet in his tutu’s garage and enjoy quality time together with good food and music. Coming from a family rich in music, Moani’s roots are grounded in supporting the local music scene as well.

Owning a restaurant and bar has always been a dream for Micah and his family: to own a space to share good food, a great atmosphere, and the families love for music. Moani’s first location opened in Ka Makana Ali’i in Kapolei on June 14 of 2019, and has seen strong support from the west side community. 8 months after opening, Micah was approached by International Market Place with a chance to open a second restaurant. He took the opportunity and has recently opened their new location in Waikiki!

Micah and his team are very excited to bring the same atmosphere and energy as the Kapolei location to the community in town! To make a reservation or for more information, please visit

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