Mayor Urges Maui Council to Reopen Chamber for Public Testimony

Kalana o Maui building. Photo: Wendy Osher

Maui Mayor Michael Victorino is asking County Council Chair Alice Lee and members of the Maui County Council to reopen their 8th floor Chamber for public testimony.

“I urge Council Chair Alice Lee and the County Council to reopen the Council Chamber for in-person public testimony,” Mayor Victorino said during an afternoon press briefing on Wednesday, and again in a press release announcement today.

“While they have provided video conferencing as an option for public testimony, there have been technical glitches such as dropped calls and disconnections. We all need to work together to support our communities with more transparency and greater effort to ensure our people are given a fair opportunity to be heard,” said Mayor Victorino.

The Kalana O Maui Building reopened June 22, but the Council Chamber remained closed to the public.

“We have safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These include directions for physical distancing, readily available hand sanitizers and a requirement to wear face masks. These protect our employees and members of the public and allow for direct, in-person customer service,” said Mayor Victorino.

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