Mayor Michael Victorino Takes Action on Unkempt Private Parcel Adjacent to Kahului Harbor

File photo of Kahului Beach Road / Waiehu Beach Road intersection. The subject property is located makai of the property pictured.

“After months of discussions with a local landowner to clean up a privately-owned parcel near Kahului Harbor,” Mayor Michael Victorino announced his administration has taken definitive action.

County officials say inspectors recently visited the parcel on Kahului Beach Road between the old Y. Hata location and the Kahului Harbor breakwater and determined the property is in violation of Chapter 9.32 (Community Beautification) of the Maui County Code. 

In 2019, the State of Hawaiʻi cleared a large homeless encampment in the area and cleaned the entire Harbor vicinity, according to county officials.

“This past summer, in accordance with CDC guidance for safety of homeless individuals, Maui County cleaned the parcel and  surrounding areas again and placed safety barriers to prevent entry. The landowner has since allowed the barriers to be moved and sanitary conditions to decline,” according to a press release issued by the County of Maui.

“Over time, this parcel has deteriorated to the point where the County was forced  to intervene,” said Mayor Victorino. “If the landlord fails to bring this property into compliance by the end May, Maui County will deploy employees or an assigned representative to remove waste, trash, and derelict vehicles from the property. Taxpayers should know that cost of clean-up will be billed to the landowner. Failure to pay the bill within 30 days will result in filing of a lien.” 

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