Mayor Interview: Team to Meet with Poi By The Pound Today

Mayor Victorino’s team is meeting with the Poi By The Pound restaurant today.  Earlier this month, the local eatery had announced its planned closure on Sept. 11, amid the ongoing pandemic. The restaurant  has since posted an update saying that thanks to support and overwhelming amount of requests, they are able to keep their doors open for two more weeks.

The business is closed today while owners regroup and will be open tomorrow (Sept. 15) through Sept. 27.

Mayor Victorino notes that some local businesses are not qualifying for small business grant programs because they exceed revenue thresholds currently in place. “We had to set thresholds because I wanted this money to go to our small local businesses, not to some big conglomerate someplace else… we’re committed to help our local businesses, our small mom and pops wherever possible,” he said during a morning interview on KPOA 93.5 FM.

“Criteria has been set, but we can maybe make another classification if necessary,” said Mayor Victorino.

The mayor said his team also plans to meet with Da Kitchen restaurant, which closed July 22, 2020 after 20 years in business, amid financial pressures of the pandemic.

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