Maui Water Conservation Advised in Preparation for Hurricane Douglas

Water Conservation Urged.

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• Ige Issues Emergency Proclamation Ahead of Douglas:
• Mayor Victorino urges Maui to Prep for Potential Impacts:

The Maui Department of Water Supply advises all customers to conserve water in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Douglas, which is forecast to bring strong winds, flash flooding and high surf this weekend.

The County advises that adverse weather could disrupt electrical power to pumps and motors that keep water flowing through the County’s domestic water system.

Customers should store drinking water now for use during the storm in the event water service is shut off. In general, consumers should ensure a safe supply of water for emergency use by storing at least one gallon of water per person per day for 14 days, and some water on hand for pets.

Water and wastewater systems may be compromised if electricity cannot be supplied to power pumps and motors in the County’s distribution and transmission systems. In the event of a power outage, the Department of Water Supply may shut off valves and isolate tanks to reduce risk of damage and water loss. If this occurs, water will be restored as soon as it is safe for personnel to go out and open lines and flush them, if necessary.

All irrigation systems and other non-essential uses of water should be discontinued until further notice. Unnecessary use of the wastewater system should also be minimized. Customers can call the 24-hour service line (270-7633) *only if a water problem occurs.


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