Maui United Way Launches Fundraising Campaign Today with Goal of $915,000

Maui United Way has launched its 2021-2022 fundraising campaign with a goal of $915,000. Photo Credit: Maui United Way

It’s no secret that Maui’s non-profit organizations are feeling the economic strain of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help 39 local health and human service agencies provide vital services to the community, Maui United Way is launching its 2021-2022 fundraising campaign Sept. 1 with a goal of $915,000.

The annual campaign raises funds to support needs such as youth development, family strengthening and parenting, emergency assistance, education, persons with disabilities, elderly care, and substance abuse treatment and prevention.  

“In this economically challenging time, I’m optimistic that Maui’s generosity will continue to shine through,” said Nicholas Winfrey, President & CPO of Maui United Way (MUW). “It’s only through the kindness of our donors, that your MUW is able to continue providing much needed funding to provide a safety net for our community.”

Contributions are allocated by a volunteer group tasked with visiting each agency, reviewing grant requests and interviewing key people at each agency. In addition, Maui United Way monitors how your contributions are spent to ensure each dollar is making a difference.  

Maui United Way is always looking for new community partners to support its campaign. Currently, the organization works with more than 300 Maui businesses that participate in workplace giving. If your company is interested in getting more involved in the community or if you would like to make a contribution, go to or call 808-244-8787. 

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