Maui Salary Commission Defers Increases for Mayor, Council Chair and Councilmembers

Photo credit: Maui Office of Council Services.

The Maui Salary Commission has deferred of salary increases for the Mayor, Council Chair and Maui County Councilmembers, that would have taken effect in the New Year, according to Councilmember Tasha Kama.

In response to the news, the Kahului Councilmember issued a statement applauding the decision, calling it an “unprecedented step.”

“The pandemic has thrust us into uncharted waters, and as we contend with the ongoing impacts of the economic crisis we must take action to conserve the resources we have,” said Kama. “This salary deferral is just one step of many we must take together to help ensure continuity of County operations and the wellbeing of our community.”

The Salary Commission determines the compensation of elected officials, department heads and first deputies or first assistants of all County departments.

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