Maui Police Launch “Operation Speed Jam” Enforcement Campaign, Nov. 8

The Maui Police Department launches an “Operation Speed Jam” enforcement campaign next week, in an effort to address speeding on Maui County roadways.

Beginning Monday, Nov. 8, 2021, and continuing throughout the week, the MPD Traffic Division will be out focusing efforts to combat speeding and aggressive driver behaviors.

The public can expect patrols where there is a noticeable increase in traffic enforcement, which will include the use of police motorcycles and unmarked police vehicles. Police say the goal is to gain voluntary compliance with all traffic laws through education and enforcement.

To date, MPD has made 4,849 speed-related contacts which include citations and written warnings, compared to 3,447 this same time last year. This represents a 40% increase in speeding alone in Maui County. 

Even more concerning is Maui County has seen a 150% increase in fatal motor vehicle crashes in 2021 with 64% being attributed to both speeding and impaired drivers.  

Lt. William Hankins, Commander of the Maui Police Traffic Division said, “Speeding is generally one of the top citizens’ complaints if not the number one complaint throughout all of Maui County. Every community across Maui County has a speeding concern. We need the public to take accountability and help by driving within the posted speed limits. For those who just can’t seem to follow the speed limit…We will be out there every day to remind you why you need to slow down.”

“Our community needs to understand: It is up to them to make the smart decision to drive with Aloha. Be patient, buckle up, put down the phone, and most importantly, slow down and drive within the posted speed limit,” police said in a department release.

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