Maui Planning Commission Posts Draft of Its West Maui Community Plan Online

The Maui Planning Commission’s Department of Planning posted its draft of the West Maui Community Plan online for public viewing. The plan is intended to serve as a long-range guide for values and goals in West Maui.

The public can view and download the plan online and clicking on the “Draft Plan” tab. The PDF document includes a Letter of Transmittal and Proposed Bill that was sent to the Maui County Council, the commission’s version of the Draft Plan, and a list of the commission’s changes to the West Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee’s June 2020 Draft Plan.

“The West Maui community worked long and hard on updating their community plan to chart a course for their future,” Mayor Michael Victorino said. “I thank everyone for their contributions and commitment to the future of West Maui.”

The Draft Plan is the result of a ten-month review by members of the West Maui CPAC, followed by a five-month review by members of the commission. The plan builds upon community input, coordination with other County and State departments, and “best planning practices to promote complete, healthy and resilient communities.”

The commission unanimously voted to forward its recommended plan to the Maui County Council for final review and adoption.

“The Department thanks the West Maui community, CPAC and commission for their time and dedication to the community plan update process,” said Planning Director Michele McLean. “We look forward to working with members of the Council as they review and adopt the plan, making it the first plan to be updated under the 2012 Maui Island Plan.”

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