Maui Now : Maui to Participate in Housing Planning Survey

Maui County residents may be contacted by phone as early as Monday, Jan. 7, to participate in a housing planning survey, according to the county Department of Housing and Human Concerns.

“The information gained by this study will be critical in providing affordable housing for our residents,” said William Spence, director of the department. “Having attainable housing options gives our residents a chance to enjoy the quality of life they deserve. We ask our residents to invest their time by participating in the survey, if contacted.”

The Housing and Human Concerns Department is joining the effort with the Hawaiʻi Housing and Finance Development Corp., the lead agency in coordinating the 2019 Hawaiʻi Housing Planning Study, which is being conducted by SMS Research.

Survey results will be used to evaluate current housing programs and future policy decision-making.


“The 2019 Hawaiʻi Housing Planning Study is designed to evaluate housing demand and conditions and will provide valuable data to plan housing programs,” said Craig K. Hirai, executive director of the HHFDC.

The study goals include gathering and analyzing data on demographic and economic characteristics of Hawaiʻi households; the supply of housing in the short run (two to five years) and the long run (five to 20 years); and breaking down data by specific geographic areas, income groups and Native Hawaiian status. The study also will examine housing demand and evaluate trade-offs for different housing options.

Looking forward, the study will project statewide and county housing needs by income groups, elderly households, people with special housing needs, at-risk homeless people and Native Hawaiians. The effort will compile a statewide and county housing inventory, including government-assisted units and military housing.

Other study participants include the state Department of Hawaiian Homelands; the Hawaiʻi Public Housing Authority; the Homeless Programs Office of the Department of Human Services; Office of Hawaiian Affairs; Department of Community Services, City and County of Honolulu; Office of Housing and Community Development; County of Hawaiʻi, and the Kauai County Housing Agency.

The mission of the Department of Housing and Human Concerns is to support and enhance the social well-being of the citizens of Maui County by expanding affordable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income families, supporting the development of special needs housing and maintaining a continuum of social services to address the needs of the people of Maui County.

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