Maui Now : Maui Gas Prices Continue Decline

Maui gas: Jan. 24, 2019.

The statewide average gas price is $3.26 a gallon, which is one cent lower than last week, 17 cents lower than a month ago and 11 cents less than a year ago, according to the AAA Hawaiʻi Weekend Gas Watch.

In Kahului and Wailuku on Maui, the average price is $3.56.  That’s eight cents lower than last week, 27 cents lower than on the same date last month and 26 cents lower than a year ago.


“Crude oil prices have increased by about $5 a barrel since the beginning of the year, but oversupply of crude in the market and low demand have helped to keep the national average relatively stable,” said Liane Sumida, AAA Hawaiʻi general manager. “Crude oil prices will be a dominant factor toward determining if motorists will see slightly cheaper or more expensive pump prices in the coming weeks.”

Prices for regular gas in other locations across the state were:

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