Maui Now : Ask the Mayor: What’s Being Done About Aggressive Sales People in Lahaina?

Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his staff.

Aloha Mayor,

Q: The individuals that work at the cosmetic stores on Front Street in Lahaina routinely stand in the middle of the sidewalk attempting to get individuals into their stores to see their products. They are very aggressive and at times are rude to individuals refusing to do so. Also, while standing there to get these people into their store the sidewalk gets blocked requiring individuals to move into the street causing a hazard. Doesn’t Maui County have a law the prevents individuals from impeding the public right of way? If so, why is this law not being enforced in this situation?

A: I talked our officers at the Lahaina Police station about this.  They said they have responded to complaints from people who were unhappy about their purchase at stores but not any complaints about impeding public access, which is illegal. If you see it happening again call the Lahaina Police station directly at 661-4441. A public safety aide will take the call and contact the dispatcher, who will then send a patrol unit to check out the situation.


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