Maui Mayor Supports Renaming Airport Access Road in Honor of Elmer F. Cravalho

Elmer Cravalho. PC: file photo courtesy UH Maui College.

Mayor Michael Victorino today urged Governor David Ige to sign a bill to rename the Kahului Airport Access Road in honor of the late former Maui County Mayor Elmer F. Cravalho.

“Elmer Cravalho was an iconic and visionary leader from Maui County who played pivotal roles as Hawaiʻi moved from being a US territory to the 50th state in 1959. He was vice speaker of the territorial house of representatives in 1954, and then speaker of the House in 1959. He served Maui County’s interests in the State House as Speaker through 1967, and then served as Maui County’s first mayor until July 24, 1979,” said Mayor Victorino.

The Airport Access Road opened less than a month after Mayor Cravalho’s death on June 27, 2016.

“Mayor Cravalho’s historical importance to Maui County cannot be underestimated. He set the stage for the growth of tourism as Hawaiʻi entered the jet age in the 1960s and 1970s. He is credited for much of Maui’s development, including the planning of resort areas in West and South Maui,” according to Mayor Victorino.

“It is appropriate to honor Mayor Cravalho by renaming the Airport Access Road the Mayor Elmer F. Cravalho Way. He should have an enduring place for Maui County residents to remember his historical contributions and public service. I humbly ask Governor Ige to sign Senate Bill 651,” he said.

The Airport Access Road opened to motorists on July 23, 2016. File photo courtesy.

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