Maui Lani Roundabout to Open Earlier Than Planned, Ahead of School




    The Maui Lani Roundabout will open earlier than planned, by July 30, if not sooner, according to Rowena Dagdag-Andaya, Director of the Maui Department of Public Works who spoke at an afternoon press briefing on Monday.

    Construction on the Kamehameha Avenue / Maui Lani Parkway Roundabout began on April 27, 2020; and then the intersection was closed due to continued construction on June 15, 2020.  “I’m very happy to announce that we will be able to open up the intersection to traffic by next week–by July 30.  We’ll try to open it up sooner,” she said, if possible.

    Dagdag-Andaya notes that construction of the roundabout took a little under four months to complete–that’s half the time it took to complete the Kīhei roundabout in 2011.

    The project was contracted out to Goodfellow Bros.

    Paving work was completed last week, along with some sign installation and the completion of concrete work.  Pedestrian signals have also been installed and crossings have been made simpler with the use of “splitter islands,” which Public Works officials say provide mid-crossing refuge and allow pedestrians to focus on traffic from one direction at a time.  “This will be great for the kids and the families who are crossing the street at the intersection,” said Dagdag-Andaya.

    The center of the roundabout was also designed to have a mountable curb to accommodate larger vehicles such as construction trucks, buses, fire trucks and other service vehicles.

    Maui Lani Roundabout. PC: County of Maui

    Maui Lani Roundabout. PC: County of Maui

    Maui Lani Roundabout. PC: County of Maui

    Maui Lani Roundabout. PC: County of Maui

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