Maui Hospital Currently Has No COVID-19 Hospitalizations, Screening Tent to be Removed Ahead Douglas

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Maui Health Reports Updated Hospitalization Numbers

Maui Health is reporting updated COVID-19 case information today saying that while reports had indicated that there were two positive cases hospitalized this week, the Maui Memorial Medical Center only had one.

“The facts take time to uncover, which is why the timing of communication is so crucial. In this case, we suspected that one of the positive test results was a false positive. After further testing and verification from the Department of Health, it was confirmed that this patient was indeed a false positive. Meaning, MMMC had one positive patient admitted this week,” according to Tracy Dallarda, with the Communications division of Maui Health/Maui Memorial Medical Center.

According to information provided by Dallarda this morning, MMMC has no COVID-19 positive patients in the hospital at this time.   The one hospitalized positive patient was discharged home.

Maui Hospital Prep Ahead of Douglas

The Emergency Department screening tent at Maui Memorial Medical Center will be taken down in preparation for Hurricane Douglas.

A hospital spokesperson said the tent is rated for 30 mph sustained wind and with the threat of the Hurricane and even stronger winds, the tent will be taken down temporarily.

The COVID-19 screening process will remain in place and moved to just inside the ED main entrance.

Patients can expect to be screened, masked and taken directly back to an ED bed as soon as possible.

The tent will be erected again once the hurricane threat has passed.


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