Maui County wants to know what you think about climate change vulnerability

Maui County has launched a new Climate Hub website: Photo Courtesy: Maui County

To help Maui County develop a climate action and resiliency plan that focuses on climate adaptation and carbon mitigation strategies, public input is being sought via a climate change vulnerability survey.

The survey can be found on the Office of Climate Change, Resiliency and Sustainability’s newly launched Climate Hub website It also is known as the “ClimATE (Climate Action Through Engagement) Hub.”

The hub promotes civic engagement with projects and initiatives to support climate action and resiliency. The website features current projects and highlights the development of Maui County’s climate action and resiliency plan.

“Our county’s geographic isolation increases our vulnerability to more frequent and intense climate change effects and related economic impacts,” said Alexander de Roode, Maui County’s Energy Commissioner. “Signs include intensifying wildfires, floods, rising sea levels, coral bleaching, droughts and extreme weather. These threaten water, food and energy supplies, as well as health and economic stability.”

The Office of Climate Change, Resiliency and Sustainability is leading an effort to develop a climate action and resiliency plan with the assistance of Maui County department representatives and an advisory committee made up of local community members and the general public.

For more information, visit, send email to or call the Office of the Mayor at 808-270-7855.

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