Maui County launched online planning and permitting system; no more paper applications

Maui County launched a new automated planning and permitting software called MAPPS. Paper applications no longer are accepted.

On April 18, Maui County launched MAPPS — Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting System, a new web-based software designed to support planning and permit processing.

MAPPS has replaced the Kiva and KivaNet system for the county.

The MAPPS Customer Self Service portal, also known as CSS, gives the public online access to the county’s permitting and planning related information. CSS also enables users to apply for plan reviews, permits, specific business licenses, request inspections, pay invoices and to follow along with their application status. The county no longer will accept paper applications.

All that is needed to access MAPPS is an internet browser on a computer or device. Google Chrome is the preferred and supported internet browser for MAPPS.

In addition to the new MAPPS system, the County of Maui launched the MAPPS Support website that provides information and resources to teach users what is available in MAPPS and how to navigate the new MAPPS system.

The following information can be found on the MAPPS Support website:

  • Details about what is available in CSS, and a series of CSS help videos and printable reference guides covering the various MAPPS functions and teaching new users how to use the system.
  • Instructions on how to search for public records.
  • Listings of all case type applications available in MAPPS that link to detailed instruction pages for each case type application.
  • Help with creating a MAPPS login in the form of documented instructions and a video demonstration.
  • An FAQ page for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • A Support Contact Information page to help identify the correct county department/division to reach out to for support if needed.

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