Maui County Charter Commission Seeks Input from Hāmākua, East Maui and Kahikinui Communities

Charter County of Maui. Photo Credit: Maui County Council

The Maui County Charter Commission is seeking input from members of the Hāmākua, East Maui and Kahikinui communities at its next scheduled virtual meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 6, 2021.

The Charter Commission is formed every 10 years to study and review the operation of the government of the County of Maui under the Charter. The commission may propose amendments or draft a new charter for voters’ consideration at the next general election.

Interested members of the public may submit written testimony and/or provide oral testimony at the meeting. When submitting testimony, please consider these questions:

  • What are you recommending be changed in the charter?
  • Why are you recommending these changes? 

Written testimony should be submitted two days in advance of the meeting date to To see the current charter edition, go to The meeting will be held online using the Blue Jeans platform.

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