Maui Cancer Resources offers Cancer Support Group

Maui Cancer Resources offers a Cancer Support Group with sessions to inspire, empower, and stay connected to the community.

Meetings are every two weeks with cancer survivor Dena Jackson, and life coach and Dr. B.

Participants are invited to share tips and wisdom to help others on the journey, while creating a community of friends.

“The beauty of this particular support group is our dedication to lift each other up and support and champion for one another. This group is about empowerment in a time when we are the most vulnerable,” according to organizers. “Cancer is a lonely disease, and you need to count on yourself and your strength and your perseverance to get through. It is a personal challenge, and one where you can decide just how you are going to handle it. This is when you really get to know yourself. With a group like MCR we stand behind each other, holding each other up, giving encouragement to keep going and going strong.”

The group is comprised of people on all different parts of the journey. The group provides support to cheer each other on, give tips, share experiences, provide encouragement and share in honesty and truth.

All are welcome, and all are accepted.

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