MATRIXSYNTH: Vintage Paia 4700 Modular Synthesizer System with Keyboard

via this auction

“Great piece of synth history here. This is a complete 4700 set with all original modules. Although this system does not have any original tip jack cables to accompany it, i was able to test funtionality with some standard hookup wire. The system is *mostly* funtional. It will certainaly require some attention and repair before it is 100% operational. It is definitely usable as it is now however.

3 VCOs – one VCO has no output on a couple waveforms. All 3 VCOs could use a proper calibration.

VCF – the filter seems to be funtioning properly. It jas a wonderful vintage vibe to it.

Sequencer – two stage LEDs are not funtioning. The stages tuning and output voltages are still funtioning. The glide/slew on the output seems to throw the tuning out of whack more than it adds glide.

2 Envelope Generators – these seem to be mostly working. One produces a little bit of a tick on the attack stage. Calibration?

2 balanced modulators – one is working but seems to overload easily, the other isnt responding to anything.

Reverb – the reverb is working and has some useful modifications. Voltage controlled crossfade of the modules two input channels. Voltage controlled reverb amount with offset.

Mixer – mixer seems to be funtioning properly. It is a bit on the noisy side, but i believe this is normal operation for this circuit.

Lfo/noise – noise and lfo are funtioning. The LFO drops out if frequency is pushed to max. Lfo returns when turning frequency back down.

Keyboard – once i realized the keyboard ground needed to be connected to the racks ground (doh!) It was found that the keyboard is working. It does, however, occasionally dive bomb the output voltage. I read this to be normal operation but find it odd that it only happens once in a while.

As you can see, this unit retains a majority of its funtionality. It probably wouldnt take much effort to return it to its former glory.

As you can see from the photos, it is in excellent cosmetic condition. It is clear the unit was never abused and likely not used very much.”

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