Maryknoll School to host virtual admission open house

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With so many private schools to choose from, it can be difficult for parents to decide which institution to enroll their children in. “Maryknoll is a great place to be,” says President and Head of School Shana Tong. Their community of faith, strong academics, and small student body combine to create an intimate learning environment for students to thrive in. Shana says that the pandemic has given them a chance to evaluate programs and be creative in their academics.

Maryknoll School has many programs that expose students to potential career pathways. Such programs include STEM, Aero Space and Civil Air Patrol, Business and Diplomacy, and Creative Arts and Expression. They also have Hawaii’s only Chinese Immersion Program that teaches students Mandarin from kindergarten through fourth grade.
They plan to open their pre-k program in the fall to their internal families first, and then to others in the near future.

Maryknoll School will be hosting their virtual admission open house for K-12 on November 6th! It’s an opportunity for families to check out the school on demand, at their leisure, and in the comforts of their own home. “Hear stories about our three pillars, faith, academics, and community, that make it so important for students here at Maryknoll,” says Director of Admission and Marketing Lori Carlos. There will also be on demand videos featuring students, alumni, and parents sharing their stories and experiences.

Maryknoll School is accepting applications for all grade levels, but major entry points include kindergarten, sixth grade, and ninth grade. Lori encourages parents to RSVP to the open house and check out their website at!

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