Marketing Your Dental Practice for Summer


School is officially (or nearly) out for summer, depending on where you live—and that means a swarm of parents and children booking appointments they had been waiting to make because of busy schedules.

But it’s not just parents and children. Everyone from twenty-something adults to elderly patient’s exercise their newly free summer schedules to prioritize annual checkups. So how can you capitalize on this crop of new and returning patients?

Marketing your practice for summer is a vital and relatively simple way to maximize your business and referrals this season, and can be as simple as incorporating a few tactics into the methods you already have in place.

Spruce up the new patient bag.

Toothbrushes, floss, —the standard “thank you” bag can benefit from a much-needed upgrade for summer. Think sunglasses subtly branded with your name or logo, coupons to a local ice cream shop, a flyer of upcoming community events and festivals—show you’re as invested in your patient’s summer fun as they are.

Speaking of community events…

You already know that by showing up at local events, such as fairs and fund raisers, you can gain invaluable exposure with families who are new to the area, interact with current patients, and, ultimately, highlight your dedication to the health and wellbeing of the community as a whole. You could even try hosting your own summer-themed event, or partner with another local business for a joint gathering. Anything to get people outdoors and get exposure for your practice.

Offer the deal of the summer.

Think of summer as the prime time to see as many patients as you can, and to gain as many referrals as possible, before fall rolls around and everyone has a packed schedule again. Perhaps you could offer a school’s out for summer discount on children’s annual cleanings, a discount for patients who refer your practice to a friend or relative, or a special on a particular service that you offer—incentivize a visit and you’re sure to see an uptick in appointments.

Divide and conquer. 

You can’t be everywhere all season long, so work with your entire team to brainstorm the best strategy to target as many marketing opportunities as possible. For example, if there are two local events that are crucial to attend, you could send your hygienist(s) to one event while you tackle the other. The summer is only a few short months, and it’s imperative to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Recent renewal reminders.

A majority of insurance companies will renew maximums in June, giving you plenty of opportunity to reach out to patients who may now have more flexibility when it comes to affording a checkup or unfinished procedure. Narrow down a list of patients who fit these criteria, and call, email, text—whatever strategy you choose—just be sure to stress the importance of regular visits!

When it comes to marketing your practice for summer, you don’t necessarily have to think big-picture. Summer is one of the most vital times for patient acquisition and filling your appointment book, and can be a hugely successful time of year for your practice by following these simple strategies.

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