Marketing With Video On Mobile Devices

Marketing For Smart Phones

Everyone has a smart phone, so why aren’t businesses focusing on marketing to these devices? What does that mean exactly? Well, there are so many ways to reach your audience through their smartphones that is impossible not to market to them if you are actively running an ad campaign on any platform. Email, social, text, outbound phone calls, video, it’s all there in the palm of everyone’s hands. So what are the most strategic methods for marketing to the world on mobile phones? We would have to say that video content is the #1 way to market to mobile users. Video is the most consumed form of media among mobile users and that trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Video is the content, the platforms that you publish that content on will be your social media profiles. Then you can use email to notify your list about the recently published content.

Video Production For Mobile

When producing video content for mobile devices you need to be aware that the users attention span is short, there may be external distractions, and your time is limited. Depending on the nature of the video and how they found it there could be various ways to go about writing and producing it. If the content is educational in nature and users are seeking this knowledge then length doesn’t matter as much, nor does production quality. You can get away with a decent video and decent audio for videos like this. Something that is more of an Ad, that needs to grab the attention of the user and drive that traffic to a landing page should be higher quality and designed to engage quickly and convert the viewer into a prospect by driving them to an offer. The pre-production process for all of this can be more complex, there are markets to research and demographics to understand. Post production is typically pretty quick unless you have incorporated green screen technology or CGI. You can also hire a video production company to handle the pre and post production process. Depending on your skill level, you may not want to get into doing green screens or CGI, if that’s the case just hire a professional production company to do it for you.

Why Video Converts On Mobile Devices

Have you been to the Doctor lately? Rather, have you been anywhere lately where you have had to sit in the waiting room for more than 20 minutes and noticed that every single individual there is glued to their smartphones like zombies? Next time you are in a waiting room, take a look around and make note of the amount of people that are engaged with their mobile devices. Now, look around again and try to figure out how many of those people are watching a video. I was in the tire shop the other day getting a slow leak fixed in my front tire and the waiting room was packed, people were face first in their mobile devices eating up content like Halloween candy. There were multiple guys in there with headphones on watching videos. It’s just easier to watch and listen than it is to read something for yourself. Modern day consumers prefer video over any other form of content online and this trend doesn’t seem to be going away based on the amount of hours of video that is uploaded and viewed everyday, video content is clearly king!

Video Pre Production For Conversion

Pre production can be all the difference between a successful video campaign and a complete flop. Taking the time to do market research, keyword research, and understanding the large demographic you want to reach will be beneficial in making your video a success. Have a storyboard in place and a script written before you you begin shooting will ensure that you don’t miss anything and that everything you wanted to capture in your shoot is captured. Pre production in the video world is everything, make sure you are taking it seriously. Also, if you are wanting to optimize and rank your videos within the search engines be sure that you are writing your scripts with keywords in mind so that you build topical relevance around the the video with optimized dialogue.

Go Video And Don’t Turn Back

If you haven’t embraced it yet, it’s time. It is time that you incorporate online video into your marketing plan moving forward. It can cost next to nothing to produce to get started. If you have a mobiles device then you can start today. Otherwise grab an affordable camera from ebay or Craigslist. One you go video, you won’t go back!

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