Marketing Report: How to Use The 12 Top Digital Marketing Trends to Make More Money


Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.

As a blogger, you’re taught you need to plan your content.

And not just on your blog.

You need to plan on social media as well as your blog’s editorial calendar.

Social media marketing planning can be complicated.

On Instagram, for example, you need to consider colors, content arrangement, and photo subjects.

Do you follow content trends before you make your blog and social media plans?

Based on an interview with blogging and marketing experts published in a widely-circulated marketing report, this post will offer you a 12-part action plan so you can make plans based on recent content trends and top digital marketing trends.

Are you ready to take your marketing skills to the next level?

’s recent interview with marketing experts revealed important trends for marketers to be aware of in the upcoming months beyond 2018.

12 Top Digital Marketing Trends According to the Marketing Report:

These are the content trends to look for in the foreseeable future:

  1. Live Video Streaming will become an even greater part of your marketing solutions.
  2. Social media marketing will continue to be an important part of your planning.
  3. Other forms of visual content will continue in importance.
  4. Here comes virtual reality!
  5. Quality content still matters.
  6. Continue to optimize for search engines.
  7. Hire a blogger.
  8. Hello to machine learning! 
  9. Marketing solutions will consist of learning consumers’ buying preferences to a greater degree.
  10. Say “goodbye” to brick and mortar.
  11. Segment your email list.
  12. Don’t forget the rest of your email list.

1. Marketing solutions should include live video.

    Since content trends are moving toward video, marketers should transition to advertising using live video streaming such as Facebook Live.

Colin Klinkert, a successful marketer, predicts Facebook Live Streaming is gaining so quickly in popularity, it will become an integral part of marketing going forward. This is in contrast to YouTube. Klinkert reports consumers prefer live video to recorded video.

At the end of the video, marketers can put their call to action: the link they want their prospective customers to click on to get on their mailing list.

On Facebook, you can pay to sponsor these videos so they appear in the eye of interested people. For example, my interests are blogging and SEO. I see sponsored videos for these interests daily on Facebook.

2. Buy paid ads. As social media sites like Facebook and Instagram continue to gain in popularity, marketers will buy paid ads and pay to boost posts to their business page on Facebook.

3. Use recorded video. Does consumers’ interest in videos with live streaming mean that advertisers should abandon recorded video content? Not at all! According to Klinkert, all forms of visual content sell. For example, GIFS, recorded video, and photos still engage the consumer. Klinkert reports each day on Facebook, people spend 100 million hours watching videos and 250 billion photos have been uploaded by Facebook.

4. Use promotions that break the 4th wall. Although it may be too early to watch for videos that appeal to the 4th dimension, watch for them. This is a part of content trends now that the 3-D printer has appeared on the scene. Sensory advertisements that allow consumers to sniff cologne and feel fabric are on the way. Any advertisement that can hold a person’s attention will be widely used.

5. Continue to publish quality content on your website. Google still knows which content to show its users: content that has links pointing to it. Marketers should retain bloggers to produce the kind of quality content people will want to link to. Make connections. The quicker people learn about you and your website, the sooner people will want to share and link to your content.

6. Continue to optimize your content using keywords. In addition to using focus keywords in your headlines and articles, remember to use synonyms for your focus keywords as well. This tells Google’s bots what content your article is about so they know which articles to show to their users. 

7. Sell your own products and become an affiliate. In surveys, consumers indicated trust in bloggers. The majority of respondents reported buying from a blogger.  If you become an affiliate and review other bloggers’ products, you will stand to gain financially.

8. Sell your products on Amazon. Machine learning will continue. Machines will learn about consumers’ purchasing interests. Amazon has already admitted its Alexa learns by listening to users’ conversations. 

9. Sell your products at additional places on the Internet. Consumers’ ability to make purchases online has become easier and faster. Ebay, department stores, grocery stores, and restaurants sell their products on the Internet. More and more businesses will continue to sell online and develop apps to ease and expedite consumer spending.

10. Use data analytics. Since consumers may own five electronic devices on which they make their purchases, it’s difficult to determine their buying preferences. Your understanding of consumers’ interests can improve due to available tools such as data analytics.

11. Use email to market to your readers. Other than a nominal fee to your service provider, it is still a cost-effective way to market your products and services. Social media marketing has a major obstacle: consumer distractions. Email marketing’s advantage besides the affordability is the lack of distractions found on social media sites.

12. Segment your email list into groups. Segment your list to appeal to buyer preferences, ages, locations, and genders. Email vendors offer this feature.

Takeaways from the Marketing Report

  • As part of your marketing solutions: You should continue to incorporate email marketing and social media marketing.
  • According to the marketing report: Include video marketing especially live streaming videos and other types of visual representation of your content.
  • According to the top digital marketing trends: You should start including artificial intelligence and work on ways to learn buyer spending habits considering they have so many options open to them.

Wrapping Up

If you’re having trouble getting eyes on your content, you need marketing solutions.

Moore’s marketing report offers actionable tips for you to make effective content plans in 2018 and beyond.

Readers, we are almost halfway through 2018. Have any of these predictions come true so far? Did any of these predictions surprise you? Do you follow any of these tips and can report on their effectiveness? I look forward to your answers in the comments section.

Please share so other bloggers and marketers know how to make effective plans going forward. These predictions weren’t just for 2018, but 2018 and beyond.

Source: Lana Moore,

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