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SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of North America’s most innovative business mapping solution, announces that Map Business Online will now include access to business listings for business analysis and prospect marketing.  Map Business Online (MBO), a cloud-based business mapping software, will present the option to easily search for, purchase, and export selections of business listings based on the following search criteria:

  • Business Data – Search by business annual sales, employee count, location type, and franchise designation
  • Industry Category – Search by NAICS or SIC code category
  • Circle or Polygon Map Objects – Draw a shape on the map to use as a search guide for business listings

Map Business Online business listings are available for the USA coverage area only. Subscribers will have access to up to 16.7 million business listings with contact records. Listings will contain business information including (where available) key contact information, employee count, sales levels, and key locations.

Business Listings for Analysis and Marketing

Searchable business listing capability from within Map Business Online has been a popular feature request among MBO users for years. MBO Business listing are sourced through a major US-based business listing provider with over 16.7 million records to search through.

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Map Business Online subscribers will reduce marketing and sales costs related to lead generation while assuring access to geographic search capabilities, demographic analysis, and sales territory management tools, all in one application. Users will be able to compile leads from selected areas, based on sales projections and planned expansion targets by geography.

Powerful Map Visualizations

In addition to lead generation Map Business Online Business Listings will be used to conduct B2B market potential analysis and comprehensive competitor analysis.  The ability to compile business listings into a business map view opens up powerful map visualizations that lend insight into business analysis and planning.

All versions of Map Business Online for the USA, including the free 1-month trial, will include sample data credits for Map Business Online users to test the new business listing functionality.

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