Malama Hawaii Maui Program: E Mālama Kaʻehu

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Kaʻehu is considered Paukukalo Coastal Wetlands and is bordered by Wailuku river and Waiehu Stream. This 64-acre parcel was once filled with ancient taro patches, native plants & flowers, native trees, productive fishponds, two streams of fresh clean water, fresh water springs throughout the property, a bountiful ocean with plenty of limu (seaweed), and fish and ocean wildlife. There are significant cultural sites, including Makahiki grounds, throughout the property and this area was known for the “sacred lauhala grove”. This area was a playground for the aliʻi and was deemed kapu/sacred.

KA’EHU is a nonprofit organization with the goal to restore the land and perpetuate traditional Hawaiian culture using a community-based, inclusive, family-oriented approach to environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture.

The Malama Hawaii program will now be providing additional support. E Mālama Kaʻehu will have two Kaʻehu work days each month. The 2nd Wednesday is dedicated to land restoration. On these days, volunteers are invited to assist in maintaining the taro patches, which includes planting, weeding, and harvesting. Removing invasives from Kaʻehu is an ongoing project. Maui Hālau are also asked to come out on a workday to gather as much Hau (Hibiscus tiliaceus) as they need. And also to maintain the numerous ʻauwai and streams that are on property, they are clearing out any debris, making sure they are not overgrown and have clear flow.

Then on the 4th Sunday, there are beach clean-ups with partner organization Sharkastics that has been doing beach clean-ups at Kaʻehu Bay since 2012, helping to remove over 25 tons of marine debris. They have helped to remove assorted plastics, styrofoam, fishing nets, ropes, and other trash that are reaching the shores of Kaʻehu.

So again, KAEHUʻs Community Work-Days are the 2nd Wednesday and the 4th Sunday of each month.

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