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Making Sense of Digital Marketing

You want better search engine rankings, right? And more enquiries? We can get you there. How? It’s called .

What is Digital Marketing? And how does it work

is a sustained effort that will help connect your company with the people who’re seeking the services you offer. It combines any number of online strategies that lead us towards the end game: more enquiries and more sales. Digital Marketing can include:

  • Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

But the real juice in Digital Marketing is still content. It’s been that way for years and won’t change any time soon. Content — written words, photographs and video — is the beating heart of everything in Digital Marketing: it fuels your Social Media, Email Marketing, PPC advertising… And content is absolutely fundamental to .

Why is content still king?

Because it’s content that tells people what you’re about. And it’s content that tells Google what you’re about. Without talking about what you do, how do you expect to Google to understand what you’re about– and then rank you accordingly?

Our job as business owners and digital marketers is to answer as many relevant questions as we can, online.

Google loves a website that publishes fresh, relevant and original content.

It’s not enough to have a page for each product or service you offer. You need to publish case studies, industry commentary or special promotions on the regular. This will reinforce to Google that you can answer the questions that people are typing into Google’s search box.


And that’s really it in a nutshell: it’s about answering the questions that people are asking Google. Real people and their typical search patterns are what drives Google. Their main motivation is to be able to give people accurate solutions as fast as possible.

We know that people are less inclined to ask Google broad questions, and more likely to ask specific questions. For example, people don’t ask Google about apples. The ask when are royal gala apples in season.

Our job as business owners and digital marketers is to answer as many relevant questions as we can, online. And the vehicle for delivering this is a . In this way, we are able to connect qualified leads with your product or service. And ensure that these people are truly engaged with you before they enter your sales funnel.

Meeting your business needs

from Hart Design can be customised to meet your budget and your needs. Social Media is a great tool for B2C businesses, but not so important for B2B. And not everyone wants to use Google Ads or Email Marketing. Let’s build a plan that works for you.

Our plans also provide you with a proactive website caretaker. We handle security updates and general maintenance that is essential for minimising the risk of malicious attacks on your website.

So, you want better rankings and more enquiries?

We can get you there with a . Follow the link to learn more about the nuts and bolts of our plans, or contact us to get the conversation started.

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