Making Barbeque Chicken and a Monte Cristo with the Boardshort Chef

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Gentry starts by brining and searing the chicken. He mixes Kraft Sweet Honey and Mesquite Smoke Barbeque Sauces, adding in paprika, garlic powder, and brown sugar to create the perfect flavor.

While the sauce simmers, he reverse-sears the chicken and makes creme anglaise for the french toast. He adds Kraft American and Italian cheese, a sliced Oscar Mayer hot dog, and sauteed onions to complete the monte cristo. He pours the simmered Kraft sauce over the chicken, and Kanoe digs in!

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Kraft BBQ Chicken and Monte Cristo

Yield: 4 portions

Ingredients Amounts


Chicken thighs 4 ea
Coconut milk 1 can
Shoyu 3 T
Honey 3 T
Lemon, juiced 3 ea
Orange, juiced 2 ea
Limes, juiced 3 ea
Kraft Honey sweet BBQ 3 T
Kraft Mesquite smoke BBQ 3 T
Brown sugar 2 T
Blackened spice 2 T

Monte Cristo

Sweet bread 8 slices
Heavy cream 1 c
Whole milk 1 c
Vanilla extract 1 t
White sugar 1 c
Cinnamon 1 T
Eggs, yolks 4 ea
Powder sugar to sprinkle
Kraft American slices 4 ea
Kraft singles 4 ea
Kraft 4 cheese blend 8 oz
Green onion, shaved 2 oz


BBQ Chicken

1. Marinade the chicken thighs with coconut milk, citruses, shoyu, and honey for 1 day
2. Then remove the thighs and pat dry and allow to leave in the fridge uncovered overnight
3. Heat oven to 350 F and cook for 10 minutes or until 150 F internal temperature
4. Pan fry on a medium heat with oil to get skin crispy and cook until 165 F
5. Using the 2 Kraft bbq sauces mix together with brown sugar and blackened spices for the sauce
6. Serve the chicken with the bbq sauce

Monte Cristo

1. Slice sweet bread into thick slices
2. Over a medium heat, heat up the milk and cream until hot, add vanilla
3. In a another bowl mix the sugar and eggs until combine using a glass bowl
4. Temper the the hot cream (¼ of the mixture) into the egg yolks and constantly whisking and then add the eggs back into the pan with the remaining cream until nappe (thickened slightly after 5 – 8 minutes of constantly whisking) keep on a medium heat
5. French toast the sweet bread with the creme anglaise (vanilla sauce)
6. Cook on a medium heat pan with oil and french toast, flip over and place cheeses on top, create a sandwich and wait for the cheese to melt
7. Dust powdered sugar and sprinkle green onion

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