Makawao Elementary teamed with nonprofit to plant 150 native vegetation for Earth Week

For Earth Week 2022, nonprofit Grow Some Good partnered with students and teachers of Makawao Elementary to put into the ground more than 150 native plants that were gifted by ReTree Hawai’i.

Planting native species helps the health of Maui’s watershed, increasing biodiversity, and creating beautiful habitats for native wildlife, specifically for endangered native birds.

As part of the week’s activities, Allison Borell, Outreach and Education Liaison for East Maui Watershed Partnership, spoke with fourth and fifth grade students about how native plants impact Maui’s water resources. Using a groundwater model, she introduced concepts of groundwater flow and how watersheds help deliver fresh clean water. 

Coconut Glen donated 10 gallons of ice cream to treat the students after their planting sessions in the garden.

Grow Some Good formed in 2008 to support a healthy community by strengthening local agriculture and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. To learn more, go to

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