Magento Special Pricing for Sales and Marketing

Posted on July 25, 2018 | Written by Jonathan Martin

In this lesson, let’s look at special pricing in Magento.

Special pricing is one of the advanced pricing options found in Magento installations, and provides you with the ability to offer products at special prices during a set period of time. Special prices can be applied to individual products or multiple products.

To get started, use the navigation bar and browse to Catalog, then Products.

On the catalog screen, select a product to edit it.

On the product screen, scroll to the Price field and click on the Advanced Pricing link.

In the Advanced Pricing area, enter the special price for your product as well as the start and end dates for your special pricing. Note that the special price will go into effect just after midnight on the start date and it will end just before midnight on the day before the end date.

Once you have entered a price and start/end dates, click Done to proceed.

You will also need to click Save on the product editing screen to complete the process.

Your product will now show the special price during the designated time period.

Special pricing can also be applied to variations of a configurable product. To do this, the same steps apply – you’ll just need to select all of the variations you would like to offer special pricing on from the product catalog.

Simply use the filter system to enter a product name, and then select Simple Product. This will display all variations of that configurable product. Once they are displayed, you can use the checkbox at the top of the first column to select all variations, or you can click on individual variations. You can then use the Actions drop-down to choose Update Attributes, and follow the steps above.

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