Lunalilo Home preserves the legacy of King William Charles Lunalilo

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“King William Charles Lunalilo reigned for a very short amount of time, but in that time, he did provide a lot for his people,” said Diane S.L. Paloma, CEO of Lunalilo Home. “He bequeathed all of his land to his people, and what we have left of his legacy is Lunalilo Home.”

Lunalilo Home is a 42-bed adult residential care home for kupuna that focuses on the cultural aspects of caring for Native Hawaiian kupuna. In 2001, the trustees expanded care to all people of Hawaii, so Lunalilo takes care of Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike. The home also offers meal delivery and adult day care programs to support the community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lunalilo Home had to make sure it was taking extra steps for its kupuna.

“We very much took the time to make sure we were putting extra time into providing that companionship with them through extra activities. Places were still locked down, but we made it a point to make sure families could still come in and spend time with their loved ones,” said Director of Nursing Dr. Poki’i Balaz.

Native Hawaiian culture is deeply infused into the way the staff at Lunalilo Home cares for its kupuna, from food to greetings to families. Its ultimate goal is to carry on the legacy of King Lunalilo and improve kupuna care for future generations.

“Our Native Hawaiian culture teaches us that our kupuna are held in such high esteem,” said Dr. Balaz. “They’re the keeper of our knowledge and we look to them to make our decisions as we move into the future.”

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