Local business renovates Môrester

Môrester Child and Youth Care Centre in Birchleigh underwent a massive revamp on August 25.

The renovation was an initiative by Gauteng Management Agents Inc construction trading as Probuild and Zipher Trading Solutions.

“We embarked on our own project called ‘building a future, not a house’, to assist the centre,” said Casper du Plessis, managing director at Gauteng Management Agents.

Gauteng Management Agents Inc construction, its partners, clients and others generously gave Môrester Child and Youth Care Centre in Birchleigh an intense and much-needed internal renovation recently.

“During a recent visit, we enquired about what we could assist with and we were informed of the centre’s current needs. We went back and gathered with our colleagues and employees and decided we could best assist Môrester with an internal renovation.”

Du Plessis added the renovation of the house included repairs to the CCTV system.

“We jumped in and started by fixing roof leaks, cracks in the walls, putting in new ceilings, bathroom repairs, electrical issues, gate motor repair, lights and a lot more general maintenance a house requires,” explained Du Plessis.

Not only did Ivan Mizon and Francois Cronj2 help with to paint, they also put their skill and handiness to good use and repaired a few things in the house.

“All our available staff also got involved and we repainted the inside of the house on August 25. We had over 30 people actively involved on the day. A few people in the weeks leading up to the big day helped with prep work and did some of the more technically challenging work.

“We couldn’t have done it alone and had the help of other companies, including INC Construction trading as Probuild, Zipher Trading Solutions, JJ & J Maintenance, Jack’s Paint Glen Marais, FW Britz trading as Security Equipment Supplies and Nectron.

“We thank each company for contributing and assisting, as well as every person for their time and selfless contribution. To all the partners of our employees who volunteered and helped during this day, a huge thank you to you. It was a truly memorable day and we had an unbelievably great time.”

Sheldon Da Silva and Ashley du Preez wash paint brushes during the ‘painting day’ that was filled with lots of laughter and happiness.

The initiative has not only helped improve the centre but has also inspired the local business to pose a challenge.

“We challenge all workplaces, businesses and service organisations to get involved in helping eight other youth development centres within the East Rand. We aim to create awareness of the constant challenges these centres encounter and face,” said Du Plessis.

“The challenge is aimed at both educating local businesses and residents and providing them with information that will hopefully encourage them to get involved. The assistance rendered by all of us will give the children in these centres the knowledge and comfort that someone cares and will give them a sense of normality as their lives have drastically been turned upside down.

“These children come from unfortunate circumstances and need love, comfort, encouragement and a lot of assistance in many forms, like little repairs to a washing machine, clothing, food and vehicles for them to get to school and hospitals.

“These are things most of us work for and take for granted once obtained.”

Zander Vlok and Anneri Ebersohn didn’t mind getting covered in paint as their main focus was ensuring the room they were painting was done well.

Du Plessis thanked Natacia Lessman and Ashley du Preez for all their hard work and efforts in organising the project. He said the project was for the children and to inspire other businesses and individuals in the community to stretch a helping hand towards Môrester and other youth development centres in Ekurhuleni.

The centre will gladly welcome any form of assistance.

For more information or to donate, contact the house mother at Môrester Child and Youth Care Centre, Salomé Pieterse, on 082 082 0972 or Lize Swart on 083 449 3357.

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