Legislators form Equality Caucus dedicated to the advancement of LGBTQ+ community

File photo by Wendy Osher.

Senator Chris Lee and Representative Adrian K. Tam announced the formation of the joint Senate and House Equality Caucus to identify and address key issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.

“Senator Lee and I are proud to establish the Equality Caucus dedicated to advancing the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Over the course of several weeks, we have brought together stakeholders, advocates, and allies to create a legislative package for the upcoming session. Government works best when all marginalized groups are represented, with the Equality Caucus, we have filled a void that has been missing for several years,” says Representative Tam.

“Legislators have been fighting for decades to ensure LGBTQ+ citizens have the same rights as everyone else, ensuring they can marry, raise children, access healthcare, and be treated the same as everyone else. Establishing this Caucus formalizes and reaffirms the state’s commitment to addressing ongoing issues of inequality and discrimination against LGBTQ+ citizens, taking the next step in Hawaiʻi’s long tradition of recognizing prejudice and discrimination where it still exists, and taking action to end it,” says Senator Lee.

The Caucus looks forward to working with local LGBTQ+ community groups and individuals to develop legislation to increase access to healthcare, promote representation, and advance employment opportunities for LGBTQ+ people in Hawai’i.

Legislators whohave joined this new caucus include: Rep. Tam (Co-Chair), Rep. Branco, Rep. Ganaden, Rep. Gates, Rep. Hashimoto, Rep. Ilagan, Rep. LoPresti, Rep. Lowen, Rep. Kapela, Rep. Marten, Rep. Ohno, Rep. Perruso, Rep. Sayama. Rep. Todd, Rep. Wildberger, Sen. Chris Lee (Co-Chair), Sen. Misalucha, Sen. Acasio, Sen. Chang. Sen. Rhoads, Sen. San Buenaventura, and Sen. Keohokalole.

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