Learn, Lower, and Let Go: Save energy with these green habits

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Earth Day is a perfect time to take note of how our actions always have an impact on the environment. Here are some tips from Hawai’i Energy on what you can do to help save energy using the three L’s.

1. Learn – There are tons of no-cost ways to save energy, and it’s as easy as learning a few new, simple habits. One example is not opening the oven while baking. Every time you peek, the oven loses 25 degrees and has to work that much harder. Even that small action can add up to big energy savings!

2. Lower – Using less energy can be as easy as lowering the need for things like hot water. For example: taking shorter showers and washing laundry in cold water can lower your use of one of the biggest energy hog in your home: your water heater!

3. Let Go – Let go of old, energy-draining things like appliances. Did you know that old fridges made before 1993 use more than twice the energy of a new ENERGY STAR® qualified model? It adds up, not just in dollars but in what it does to our environment.

Hawai’i Energy hopes to encourage folks to become the “Energy Champions” in their home or workplace, and there’s no better day than Earth Day to start. Check out for more tips on how you can help save the planet by cutting back on your energy usage.


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