La Pietra Senior Shares Water Skills with 6th Grade Swim Team

Sponsored by La Pietra Hawai’i School for Girls

Senior Emma R. has been a part of the swim team since she was in 6th grade. Athletic Director Ross Kinsler remembers Emma as a quiet, shy, and polite young lady. As she grew older, Kinsler says Emma developed into a confident and kind person who found her voice. Emma was given the Kahiau award at La Pietra. This award is given to a student who displays “giving of oneself without an expectation of anything in return” and is voted on by peers. Normally, the award is given to juniors and seniors, but Emma received the award as a 7th grader! “Even at that young age, people knew that she spoke out for her classmates, spoke up for them, helped them. They noticed her kindness at a young age,” says Kinsler.

Emma is also very involved in school activities. She’s a La Pietra school delegate for open houses and school events, a big sister for new students, and a class officer. She became a swim teacher in the 8th grade and enjoys helping her younger peers under the guidance of Athletic Director Ross Kinsler. “It’s really fun to have a community with them and build relationships with these girls because I remember when I was their age, there were definitely older girls that I looked up to, and I enjoyed learning from them,” she says.

Since La Pietra isn’t a large school, Emma says there’s a club, sport, or medium that can help translate a student’s passion. The smaller learning environment creates closer relationships with teachers and peers alike, resulting in support from all areas of school life. La Pietra will be hosting their open house on November 6th at 10 am. If you are interested and want to learn more, please visit!

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