La Pietra announces the Future is Wahine Summer Workshops

Sponsored by La Pietra – Hawaiʻi School for Girls

La Pietra – Hawaiʻi School for Girls’ mission is to educate young women to lead a life of purpose. This summer, it’s launching the Future is Wahine Summer Workshops to help young women develop their passions in order to pave the way for a female-focused future.

In partnership with Education Incubator, Ceeds of Peace, Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking, and Women’s Fund of Hawai’i, La Pietra will host The Future is Wahine Summer Workshops. There are no tuition costs and girls in grades 5-9 from any school can register by May 15.

“The Future is Wahine Summer Workshops are an opportunity for young women to develop a meaningful purpose for their current stage of development by identifying how their ideas, interests, and passions can be shaped into projects and directions that have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others,” says Curriculum Coordinator Todd Wilson.

The goal of the Future is Wahine Summer Workshops is to expand the mission and vision of La Pietra to the larger Oahu community. The school sees its curriculum as aligned to the larger global project of women’s empowerment, equity, and human development, and thus seeks to extend its support of young women.

Through collaborative activities, place-based learning, and skill development, young women will partner in the process of envisioning the next 2-4 years and how those years can lead to long-term projects on the planet. While developing a vision of the future, participants will celebrate the present through learning about the progress and leadership of women in Hawaii, serving as inspiration for a new generation of women leaders.

“Overall, the program empowers young women to think bigger about who they are and where they can go in the world, starting with a meaningful foundation in Hawaii,” Wilson adds.

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