Kupuna Achiever’s love of bowling follows her through 30-year Navy career

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If you’ve ever been to Barbers Point Bowling Center, you may recognize Bev Brennan’s friendly face. Born in 1952 in Jamaica, New York, to Bob and Anita Brennan, bowling is in her family’s blood. Both parents bowled and were in VA Hall of Fame. Naturally, she also picked up the sport at an early age and started playing in 1959, winning several titles in local city tournaments.

After graduating from high school in June 1970, Brennan joined the Navy in August 1970 and served for just over 30 years. She advanced pretty quickly, rising to the top of the enlisted ranks in just over 17 years. Her first assignment in Hawaii was with the “Easyriders” of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron LIGHT 37 (HSL-37) as Command Career Counselor at NAS Barbers Point from 1978-1981. After a brief one-year absence, she returned to Hawaii in 1982 and never left.

“My love of bowling followed me into the Navy,” Brennan says. “In the early 70’s while stationed in Florida, I was bowling in town and saw the sign-up sheet for their Saturday morning kids program. Remembering my mentors, I signed up to be a coach. Back in those days, coaching wasn’t over-regulated as it is now, and they took all volunteers.”

Today at Barbers Point Bowling Center, Brennan is a certified coach and a registered volunteer. She serves as the coach for the “bumper kids,” a group of 3 to 4-year-olds who are just starting to bowl.

“They only bowl one game, but we’re teaching them the team concept,” she explains. “Waiting their turn and being there when it’s their turn. Sometimes it’s like herding cats, but they’re fun, and they’re my ‘kids.’”

Some of Brennan’s bowling achievements while in the Navy include:
First All Navy tournament 1972. Continuous until 1994
First Armed Forces tournament – 1976. Continuous until 1994
18 All Navy titles
7 Armed Forces titles
1990 represented Armed Forces at Miller Light National Doubles Championships
Numerous local All Navy titles
Lifetime High game – 288
Lifetime High series – 717

“Choose to be the best you can be,” Brennan says in closing. “We all have our own strengths – some might be book smart, some might be athletes, some might be artists, some might be funny, some might just be good kids. All of us have something we do very well.”

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