Kula author publishes ‘Find Your Happy’ to help kids through hardships and daily life

Trish Michael of Kula has published her latest children’s book: Find Your Happy.

The life of Trish Michael of Kula has been filled with constant adversity, with motherhood as a teenager, 20 years in an abusive marriage and surviving cancer — twice.

She has put her “hard-won wisdom” into children’s books that help kids and adults find their power — their happy — amid trauma, hardships and daily life.

Her latest book, FInd Your Happy, follows J and her pal Iggy Piggy as they navigate life’s lessons and learn how to find their happy… no matter what.

The 28-page book is filled with fun illustrations by Arantzazu Fouz Garcia and inspiring words that enlighten and uplift. It is available for $20 at 

Michael said all her books have been written for her own children at difficult stages in their lives as a way of reminding them that anything is possible.

Author Trish Michael

About Find Your Happy, she writes: “We all need reminders of how we can see the good and make the best of anything that comes our way, especially now. Find Your Happy puts the power back into our hands at times that we might feel most powerless; from young children coping with trauma, to troubled teens who might need a nudge towards owning their decisions and behavior, to adults who are trying to rebuild their lives and may have forgotten a bit of themselves along their way.

Find Your Happy makes finding happiness feel possible. And that’s sometimes all we need to shift into a better space.”



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