Kukuiula Bridge in East Maui reopened today, county says

Repair work has been completed to the foundation and protective structure of the Hana side abutment to Kukuiula Bridge at the 39.5 Mile Marker on Hana Highway. Vehicle traffic can now safely use the bridge. PC: County of Maui

Kukuiula Bridge in East Maui reopened at noon today and is now safe for motorists to cross, according to a news release.

The Department of Public Works Highways Division repaired the Hana side bridge abutment of the bridge. Public Works in the release said it appreciates the public’s patience and understanding while the bridge was closed for repairs.

Because work was done in-house by the DPW Highways Division, the bridge repairs took approximately 19 days, including consultations with the bridge consultant and construction work.

Storm water runoff damaged the foundation of an abutment holding up the Hana side of the bridge, located at Mile Marker 39.5 on Hana Highway. The bridge was closed June 1 after consultants determined the extent of storm damage and found it was unsafe for vehicles to cross.

The original estimate for the bridge closure was at least two months. That would have been the amount of time required if the project were bid out to an outside contractor.

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