Kīhei Charter School Student to “Double Graduate” This Month

Amanda Tuttle. Photos: Courtesy UH Maui College

When Amanda Tuttle graduates from Kīhei Charter School later this month, she’ll also receive an Associate in Science Degree in ECET (Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology) from the University of Hawai‘i Maui College.

For the past two years, Tuttle has been taking a minimum of 14 college credits while also completing her high school classes and projects.

“My parents steered me towards STEM when I was in middle school,” said Tuttle. “Since then, I’ve been very interested, specifically, in robotics and engineering.”

Tuttle joined an all-female VEX Robotics team (VEX is a robotics program for students) and over the course of two years, built small robots for competitions with teams from across the country. “During that time, I focused on both the hardware and software sides of robotics,” said Tuttle. “And I found a genuine passion in the sport, itself.”

Elisabeth Dubuit, UHMC ECET program coordinator, described Tuttle as “an exemplary student.” She said, “I never heard her complain about the amount of work, or ask for extra time to turn in her assignments, or even come late to class.”

After her “double graduation,” Tuttle plans to pursue a four-year Engineering degree.

Amanda Tuttle. Photos: Courtesy UH Maui College

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